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Great Plains National Security Consortium

Prospective IC Scholars

Start by researching the IC Scholar program at  If you are interested in becoming an IC Scholar at UNL and pursuing a career in Intelligence, continue the application process by filling out the online application.  After you submit your application online, an interview with UNL GP NSEC management will take place. 

We encourage undergraduate sophomores and juniors, and graduate students to apply for the IC Scholar program.  Interested freshmen are encouraged to join the IC Scholar Freshman Program

IC Scholar general program timeline

Freshman Year

  • Join the Freshman Program learning community to explore the career field.
  • Attend Freshman Program group events.
  • Attend the annual GP NSEC colloquium to further gauge your interest in the content.
  • Explore interest in the Global Security Studies minor.
  • Explore and understand the Intelligence Community and potential careers.
  • Maintain GPA of 3.25 to be eligible for the IC Scholar program.
  • Get to know professors who could be a reference for your IC Scholar application.

Sophomore and/or Junior Year

  • If still interested, apply for the IC Scholar program
  • If accepted as an IC Scholar:
  • Attend IC Orientation (one time event)
  • Attend IC Seminars (throughout the school year, about 6 Seminars per semester). A new cycle of seminars will begin every fall. Students will attend a minimum of 80% of the seminars that are offered throughout their time as an IC Scholar.
  • Plan a study abroad program that ideally incorporates critical language study.
  • Consider a UCARE application
  • Consider the Global Security Studies minor to enhance your major degree
  • Explore IC summer internships, and plan to apply for them in the fall before the summer you plan to work in the IC.
  • If not accepted into the IC Scholar program, reevaluate your interest in the career field. If your interest remains, reapply to the program during the fall of your junior year.

Senior Year and Graduate Students
The IC Scholar program is open to seniors planning to attend graduate school at UNL, and graduate students with at least two years left in their programs of study. The activities are the same as those for the sophomore and junior years.