Study Abroad

"Successful intelligence is about understanding people, cultures and areas of the world that are significantly different from our own."

Federal agencies, educational institutions, and corporations in the United States are suffering from a shortage of professionals with international knowledge and foreign language skills and need motivated people to gain this competence. To foster scholars’ appreciation of foreign cultures and heighten their overall global awareness, GP-NSEC scholars will have the opportunity to receive $5,000 international language and cultural immersion travel awards. These travel awards are intended to support the scholars’ participation in the many short-term (four- to six-week) study abroad programs now offered by the Consortium partners. These short programs are expected to function as an entrée to longer-term study abroad that combines a study tour and language immersion program

Plan your international experience

Why Study Abroad?  An explanation of why it is essential for someone who wants to work in the Intelligence Community to study abroad.

External International Study Scholarships:  Fulbright, Boren and Critical Languages:  Plan your international experience with funding from these or other prestigious scholarships. 

Critical Languages and Regions:  This document lists the languages/regions of national interest that were identified by various agencies.  Look it over to see if the language you are studying is on the list, or to decide where to study abroad.

Before you go - an Intelligence orientation

Ready to go abroad?  Learn about the importance of Travel Security before you go.  Read these newsletters from the FBI to learn more -Travel Security and Travel Security part two


Study Abroad Opportunities for Students

Opportunities within the Consortium

Start by researching within our Great Plains National Security Education Consortium for study abroad opportunities. Remember, this is a very limited list of opportunities. Join a faculty-sponsored summer trip, study a critical language, do research at a foreign University or create your own experience. Your only limitation is your own imagination!

How can you prepare to work in the Intelligence Community?  Experiences in non-English speaking countries are highly valuable to the IC, in addition to studying critical languages and doing research abroad.

*Attend a UNL “Go” Session:  Learn about study abroad opportunities, when and how to apply, financial aid and study abroad scholarships.
*UNL Summer opportunities:  Study abroad for the whole summer or for part of it, with faculty or on your own. 
*UNL Study Abroad Programs:  Look into these opportunities for semester or year long opportunities through UNL. 


*UNO Summer opportunities: Check out these summer opportunities from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. 


*Creighton Faculty led summer opportunities:  Research summer opportunities led by Creighton Faculty 
*Creighton Study Abroad Opportunities:  Look into these longer term opportunities through Creighton University.