GP NSEC Program Overview

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) sponsored Centers of Academic Excellence (CAEs)

The IC CAE in National Security Studies Program was established during 2005 in response to the nation's increasing need for IC professionals who are educated and trained with the unique knowledge, skills and capabilities to carry out America's national security objectives.

The IC CAE Program provides colleges and universities with the opportunity to implement curricula focusing on the critical IC skill sets needed to strengthen the IC workforce and effectively meet mission requirements.  The following chart represents the locations of other CAEs in the United States.


Meeting this need requires the IC to recruit and retain the best and brightest — those with diverse ethnic, cultural and professional backgrounds, as well as regional, geographical, industry, language and technical expertise to protect our citizens and lead this country in the 21st Century.

Participating colleges and universities are required to promote general competencies across a broad range of professional skill sets which will prove useful. These include:

• Data collection
• Research
• Analysis
• Critical Thinking
• Communications
• Management
• Strategy and Operations

The Great Plains National Security Education Consortium (GP NSEC)

Funded by the ODNI, the goal of GP NSEC is to help prepare and diversify the next-generation IC workforce by providing rich academic, research, cultural immersion, and outreach activities focused on national security-related topics to talented students from a variety of backgrounds. Our integrated approach to achieve the Consortium’s goal is predicated upon the completion of 3 key objectives:

1. Develop a robust portfolio of IC-relevant courses and academic programs
2. Provide mentored, IC-relevant research experiences to more than 50 students from diverse ethnic/racial backgrounds.
3. Support cultural immersion opportunities that deepen appreciation for foreign cultures and heighten the overall global awareness essential for national security and intelligence studies.



GP NSEC consists of four Universities:
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Creighton University
Bellevue University

GP NSEC Related Centers

Center for Afghan Studies (
Nebraska University Center for Information Assurance (NUCIA) (
Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management (
Diocles Extreme Light Laboratory (
Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (



Other ODNI funded CAE sites

California State University:
Clark Atlanta:
Florida International University: school programs)
Norfolk State University:
Tennessee: State University:
University of Texas El Paso:   (college)
University of Texas Pan American:
University of Washington:
Wayne State University: